Bronze Package

Great maintenance plan for new equipment

Annual Investment: $150.00 per year for the first system

$123.00 per year, for each additional unit

This is our entry level package and covers what we would consider to be the general maintenance and upkeep of your heating and cooling systems.  Under this plan we will visit your site twice a year and perform a general cleaning of your systems. This level will ensure that twice a year your refrigerant coils are thoroughly cleaned, and your drain lines are cleaned and clear of debris.  We will verify your refrigerant pressures are at appropriate levels and that all motors associated with your heating and cooling equipment are operating at their optimum levels. If your heating system is gas operated, we will clean your burners if needed and verify that the parts of your heating system that could prove dangerous to you or your family are in good condition.  As with all of our plans we will replace all standard air filters associated with your systems.

This plan affords you a 1-year warranty on all parts replaced during our maintenance visits as well as any parts replaced during an emergency repair.

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