Gold Package

Great for older systems with some slight problems

Annual Investment: $288.00 per year for first unit

$252.00 per year for each additional system

The gold package, or our premier package, includes all of the fantastic features offered in our silver package as well as some added benefits.

This plan provides a thorough cleaning and general maintenance of your systems.  Twice a year we will come to your site and thoroughly clean your coils and ensure that your condensate drain lines are clear.  We will verify your refrigerant pressures and check all motors and moving parts for proper operation. If your heating system is gas operated, we will clean your burners and verify that all components of your heating system that could prove dangerous to you and your family are in good condition.  As with all of our plans we will replace all standard air filters associated with this system.

In addition to the thorough maintenance or your systems, the gold package will afford you a 15% discount on all parts and repairs performed on your system as well as unit replacement!  The silver plan will afford you a 2-year warranty on all parts replaced during one of our service visits and will qualify you to choose your own payment options. You can select to pay for this plan in monthly installments @$24.00 for one unit and $21.00 for each additional system.

This plan also ensures you same day service in case of unit failures.  This plan covers the cost of chemical coil cleaning if needed, cleaning of the blower wheel on each visit, condensate line drain tabs to prevent sludge build-up, treatment of indoor blower wheel with biocide to help prevent mold, the cost of capacitors at the time of maintenance if the readings are marginal and will also cover up to one pound of refrigerant per year.

This is truly a complete plan!

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